Look at him….

He sleeps…. Yes. He now sleeps for more than 20 minute bouts at night ‘cuz, the other day, I rediscovered the beautiful art of swaddling. He’s been sleeping all swaddled like this for, like, FOUR hours now. “Why aren’t I sleeping, then,” you ask? Because I had a nice long nap today. And, because I’m FREAKING addicted to this:

The sugar! The chocolaty goodness! Ohhhhmmmm….Bliss….La. I suppose it’s part of my WeightWatchers Online diet (speaking of which, I lost FOUR POUNDS this week!). But, I could be eating or drinking healthier or lower-caloric things instead, you know? I’m WIRED from this stuff. I’m telling you. And, as of now, I’m KICKING it out of my house. BOOT!


You recommended that I use my sling a little more to soothe the ever crying rascal. Until now, I’ve only been using my beloved Pippalily sling when I go walking (outside, mall-shopping, etc.). But, you’re right, I TOTALLY need it in the house, too. When the rascal’s having one of his “crying marathons,” he needs to be ON me. So, check it: this evening, I made dinner…with him ON me:

Look how into it he is! He was awake the whole time. Watching EVERYTHING. He was totally fascinated….

Like, wazzup with his hair line? He’s a total MONK! Ha! LOVE!

So, yes, the sling idea was BRILLERS. Thank you. Mwah!

I’ve been cooking every day. It helps with the diet…. Wanna see what I cooked tonight? It was deelish, and, of course, I snuck some pureed cauliflower in it….

It’s a salmon-noodle dish. And, it’s FAB. I got the recipe from this, one of my FAVE cookbooks (click the pic for deets):

Cheaty HIGHLY recommends!

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