I don’t think you can handle this, Gorgeouses. Can you? Want to prove me wrong? Huh? Huh? Are ya SCAAAARED? Because I dare you. I dare you to try going vegetarian for a week. Think you can handle it? I don’t think you can handle it….

So, can you handle this? Can you take the VEGGIE CHALLENGE? This is a DARE, Gorgeouses. ARE YOU GAME? OR, are ya scaaaaaared?! Bock buck buck buck buck BOCK buck buck buck buck (that’s my effort to sound like a CHICKEN!!!).

Take the Veggie Challenge

Even if you don’t do the whole week, this plan — devised by my city’s very own The Toronto Vegetarian Society — is full of great tips and recipes for incorporating more plant-based meals in your (and your family’s) diet. You might find you even LIKE eating this way. If you’re lucky, like me, you might notice your skin take on a new glow, or you’re less congested, you feel lighter, more balanced and more compassionate….!

Here’s an example of a day on the diet:

• Whole-grain cereal with your choice of milk, sprinkled with dried or fresh fruit.
• Calcium-fortified orange juice.

• Avocado slices with sprouts or lettuce on whole-grain bread, grape or cherry tomatoes.
• Cantaloupe chunks drizzled with fresh lime juice.

Chinese stir-fry over brown rice: toss in tofu chunks, broccoli, pea pods, and bok choy.

Dried figs.

Mmmm…. FIGS. Love! I may stay away from those figs because they’re high in sugar and HIGHLY addictive. But, they’re also high in calcium and iron and other good stuff.

You know, I’ve been researching vegan weight-loss diets, like Dr. Fuhrman’s well-known Eat to Live diet and various macrobiotic diets. But, they’re all so dang restrictive. And, the vegan diet’s restrictive enough — especially if you’ve been a CHEESE lover all your life, like I was…. So, I’m excited about this Veggie Challenge. It’s realistic. It’s simple. And, it’s not restrictive or rigid. As long as I keep the sugar and cheaty snacking to a minimum, I should lose weight on it! (Especially with my new TURBO JAM DVD!)

Bah bye, diet full of peanut butter on bagels! Hello BALANCE and VARIETY…and DELICIOUS.

I’ll keep you posted on how the recipes are, etc.. So, you in? Or, are you too chicken to give up the chicken for ONE WEEK? (Or, even just one DAY a week?)

xo Haley-O